Musikgarten Musikgarten

Main Studio Address:   1139 North MacArthur Blvd.,  Springfield, IL
Mailing Address:   17 Kirkley Lane,  Springfield, IL   62704

Studio Phone:  217-502-4958

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COVID-19 Policies & Procedures

For all in-person classes, lessons, and camps:

Enrolling in any in-person class indicates that you will follow these policies, as well as any updated requirements as dictated by the evolving situation.  We want to continue to bring music into your lives, but in a safe way!

1.  Masks are required for all adults and children ages 3.5 and up, at all times within the studio building.  Masks must cover the nose and mouth.  Children under age 3.5 who are comfortable wearing masks are encouraged to do so.

2.  Any adult or child showing any signs of illness will not be admitted to the studio.

3.  Please help your child wash his or her hands in one of the bathrooms, and use hand sanitizer before entering and upon exiting the classrooms.  If you need to leave the room during class, please wash and/or sanitize your hands again before re-entering the classroom. 

4.  Class sizes will be limited to ensure sufficient spacing.  We will be implementing enhanced cleaning and disinfecting procedures.  Activities that involve congregating and touching (such as listening mat and circle dances) will be modifed appropriately. 

5.  If you, your child, or any member of your household or contact circle is or has been ill (cough, fever, etc.) in the past two weeks, please join your class via Zoom rather than in-person.  

6.  We will not be sharing community instruments in our Musikgarten classes.  All students will be provided with their own instruments to use in the studio, in their own labeled bag.  These bags will be kept at the studio.  Baby instrument kits are part of the materials for Baby classes, and those instruments belong to you.  Please bring them to class each week.

7.  Adults attending classes must wear socks (shoes will be left in the lobby), and all children are encouraged to do so. 

8.  Please limit classroom attendance to one grown-up per child (feel free to have other family members join on Zoom to watch!).  In preschool classes (music only - does not apply to Music & Art Camps), grown-ups will now stay for the entire class, rather than just the first 15 minutes. 

9.  The waiting area will be closed.  Children in Music Makers at Home, Music Makers Around the World, Group Keyboard, and private instrumental lessons are drop-off only; adults must leave the building during the class.  Our classes have staggered starting and ending times to avoid crowds gathering, so please enter and exit in a timely fashion 

10.  No food or drink permitted in the building.  Please limit the items you bring inside the studio to those absolutely necessary for the duration of your child's class. 

11.  If you wish to make up a class you missed, you may join a different class (or your own!) on Zoom.  For contact-limiting and tracing purposes, you may not attend a class in person other than the one for which you are registered.