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1139 North MacArthur Blvd.,  Springfield, IL

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Private Lessons

At The Music Factory, we offer a wide variety of private music lessons for students of all ages and levels, from beginners to advanced musicians.  Children and adults may sign up for individual instruction at any time!  All lessons take place at our studio in Springfield, Illinois, as well as on Mondays in Jacksonville, and are taught by highly-trained and experienced teachers with degrees in music.  Lessons may take place in person (following the guidelines below) or online via Zoom.

We pride ourselves on adapting to each student's individual needs, learning style, and goals.  Along with the study of repertoire in a progressive fashion, all students receive a comprehensive musical education including the study of music theory, ear training, and sightreading.  Recital, competition, ensemble, and other performance opportunities are available for interested students.

For in-person lessons, the following COVID-19 guidelines are in place (subject to change as the situation warrants):

  • Masks are recomended, but optional for Fall 2022.  Please sanitize your hands before touching the studio instruments.
  • Students showing any sign of illness will not be admitted.
  • Teachers will sit six feet away, and students will be responsible for marking their own music, with each student having their own bag of post-its, pencil, and stickers.
By registering for lessons, you agree to abide by these policies, as well as any updated guidelines, and understand that instruction may become online at any time. 

Private piano lessons are available for children and adults, from absolute beginners to advanced musicians.  Our studio includes those who are completely new to the piano, those who have completed three years of our Keyboard class and wish to continue their studies, students preparing for college auditions, and adults learning recreationally.

All students must have a piano (acoustic or digital) at home on which they can practice. Lessons are scheduled on an individual basis with the instructor at a mutually convenient time.  Piano lessons are taught by Devon Carpenter, Robby Biesenthal, and Michael Biesenthal.

Harp lessons are available on both pedal (orchestral) harps and lever (Celtic) harps. Lessons focus on technique and repertoire development, and will also include aspects of music theory, ear training, harp maintenance, sight reading, and music history. It is strongly recommended that students have a basic knowledge of music notation before beginning lessons.

All students must have a harp at home on which they can practice. A limited number of rental harps are available from the studio ($25/month). A one-on-one interview with the instructor will take place prior to the first lesson to assess readiness, goals, and learning style, and to discuss the logistics of acquiring a harp.  Harp lessons are taught by Devon Carpenter.

Do you sing? Do you wish you could sing better? Students will learn to sing and project their voice using healthy breathing and vocal techniques to make them versatile singers.  Lessons focus on the mechanics of good singing and will also include aspects of music theory, ear training, and sightreading, which are valuable skills, whether singing solo or with a group. Lessons are available for students age 6 through adults, and are scheduled on an individual basis with the instructor at a mutually convenient time.  Voice lessons are taught by Jennifer Rockwell.


Private lessons are available to any students - regardless of level!  Whether you are just beginning, have a few years experience, or are an older player, you can certainly benefit from taking private lessons.  The lessons will include technique, studying repertoire, music theory, ear training, music history, and general musicianship development.

Lessons are available on flute, clarinet, oboe, saxophone, bassoon, trumpet, French horn, trombone, and ukulele.

All students must have their own instrument to use.  Band instrument and ukulele lessons are taught by Jennifer Rockwell.